Questions to ask your doctor before treatment begins:

About the doctor:
  • What has your experience with clubfoot been like?

  • How many clubfoot children are you treating at the time?

  • Do you have designated clubfoot clinic days?

  • In what ways do you vary from the Ponseti Method

  • Expected treatment? And timeline?

  • How soon will we get treatment started once baby is born?

  • When is your ideal time to start the casting process of newborns?

  • Plaster or soft-roll fiberglass?

  • Do you cast or does a cast tech?

  • How much time should we reserve for a casting appt?

  • How many casts do you anticipate?

  • Do you or the parent remove the cast? How do you remove the cast?

  • If a cast slips, how soon should we get in for an appt? take off at home?

  • If I notice a swelling foot what should I do?

  • What do you recommend for the top pf the cast pinching, rubbing, or chaffing?

  • Does my child have atypical/complex clubfoot?

  • If yes, how will the treatment plan differ now?

  • How has your experience been recognizing and treating atypical/complex clubfoot?

  • General or local anesthesia?

  • How long will the tenotomy cast stay on?

  • Why type of tenotomy do you perform?

  • What type of scar/incision can we expect?

  • How long for 23 hour wear?

  • What boots and bars do you use?

  • If your initial bar recommendation is a Ponseti bar, what is the ease of getting a Dobbs bar?

  • Does the orthotist come here, or do I have to go to the orthotists’ office?

  • How long do you anticipate my child wearing BNB?

  • What do you recommend for blisters, red spots, bruising, pressure sores, etc…?

  • What relapse rate do you see?

  • How do you treat relapse?



The information compiled is from clubfoot family experiences, and the medical community. Doctors and those in the medical field have opinions that may differ. This document is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult your doctor with questions. Every clubfoot situation and every clubfoot child's treatment plan may differ slightly.