Breastfeeding a Clubfoot Child

It may take some time to get used to breastfeeding your clubfoot child when they are in either the casting stage or the braces stage. Don’t let this discourage you from breastfeeding. Prior to clubfoot treatment, seek lactation guidance in the beginning from a lactation specialist at the hospital. Many clubfoot mothers report that they did not have problems breastfeeding their child in either the cast phase or braces phase.


  • A breastfeeding pillow such as a Boppy or the Breastfriend will help with breastfeeding.


Casting Stage:

  • Covering the cast with a leg warmer or long sock will help with comfort for you and the baby. 


Braces Stage:

  • Padding the bar will help with comfort for you and the baby. 

  • You can use a seatbelt strap protector, a pool noodle covered in fabric or duct tape, a luggage handle,  foam pipe insulation covered in fabric or duct tape, or using a small towel wrapped around the bar and secured with duct tape also works.



  • Put your hand through the baby’s legs and support their back.  This will help with the added weight from the boots and bar.

  • Do an Internet search for “biological nurturing, reclined breastfeeding”

  • Some prefer a “football hold”



*Lactation Specialist: Find a lactation specialist that will come to your home


Tess Johnson, RN, PHN, IBCLC, is a registered nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant located in Central California.  She is a wife and mom of three happy, healthy breastfed girls . She also has a sister who was born with clubfoot.


Tess is well versed with breastfeeding a baby in casts as well as boots and bar.  She understands the challenges one may face in this situation and has committed her knowledge to helping clubfoot moms with this. 


Her main objective is to encourage and empower the mothers to achieve their wellness goals by providing compassionate, family-centered lactation care.


She recognizes that most mothers have at least a little anxiety related to breastfeeding, but she also knows that a bit of skillful, gentle, and family-centered lactation support can get moms through it all.


Having worked with thousands of mothers and babies in a hospital-based lactation department throughout the years, Tess has seen amazing things happen when the right help arrives when needed. She will enthusiastically assist you to a peaceful and confident breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

"With the aspects of breastfeeding’s benefits well-established through both current and continuing research, it seems advisable to protect and promote a healthy breastfeeding relationship for the mother/baby dyads who will also be encountering the complexities of clubfoot treatment."

             -Tess Johnson

Meet Tess Johnson

Lactation Consultant

I'll do everything

I can to help a

clubfoot momma."



The information compiled is from clubfoot family experiences, and the medical community. Doctors and those in the medical field have opinions that may differ. This document is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult your doctor with questions. Every clubfoot situation and every clubfoot child's treatment plan may differ slightly.