Just because your baby has been diagnosed with clubfeet does not mean you will never be able to wear him or her. In fact, he or she will need the closeness even more as they go through their treatment. There are many carriers out there that will make carrying your cutie easier on you and them.

Meet Aimee Park!  
















Aimee Park is the mother of two little boys, a little girl and has a baby boy on the way.   She lives in Huntsville, Alabama, but is originally from Naperville, Illinois.  She served for ten years in the United States Army and Army Reserves. 


She has been babywearing for over three years and is active with her local babywearing group.  In January of 2016, she received training from the Center for Babywearing Studies and became a certified babywearing educator. 


Aimee really enjoys helping parents, family members and caregivers learn to carry their little ones close with comfort and confidence. Although she does not have a clubfoot child, Aimee has dedicated her babywearing expertise to helping clubfoot families and is well versed with babywearing with casts and boots and bar.  


Examples of carriers that have panels that can be narrowed to accommodate littler babies:


Babylonia Flexia

Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn One

Beco Gemini

Ergo 360

Ergo Adapt

Infantion Fusion

Infantino Flip

Lillebaby Complete

One Lillebaby

Baby Tula Free To Grow

Mei Tai/Meh Dai/Beh Dai (many different manufacturers make these: Infantino, BabyHawk, Catbird Baby, Fidella, to name a few)

When your little one is in casts and boots and bars, you can use any soft structured carrier that supports them ergonomically well as woven wraps, stretchy wraps and ring slings. Ensure that the passes are spread knee to knee and that their weight is on their bottom versus their knees (which will put pressure on their hips).


Examples of stretchy wraps:



Solly (better for warmer weather)

Lillebaby Tie the Knot (better for warmer weather)

Wrapsody Hybrid


Suggestions: **Try on different carriers before deciding to purchase. You might find the one you really thought you wanted isn’t the best option for you and your little one. If you have a babywearing group near you, you can often try on many carriers before you make a decision. (baby carriers are like jeans: what works for someone else might not necessarily be your favorite or the best fit for you)


**Purchase baby legs or put something over the casts when wearing your little one in order to minimize the wear on the carrier.


**Purchase suck pads and panel for the soft structured carrier or mei tai that you have so that when your little one sucks on or drools on the carrier, you only have to pull off the pads and wash them versus washing the entire carrier. 

As for woven wraps and ring slings (ring slings are more for boots and bars versus casts due to ability to bend knees to get the good deep seat), there are so many options. . . .just make sure that they are CPSIA/BCIA compliant and that you like the way they look. There are so many wrap brands out there that it’s a matter of finding the colors/design/blend that you like best.


The information compiled is from clubfoot family experiences, and the medical community. Doctors and those in the medical field have opinions that may differ. This document is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult your doctor with questions. Every clubfoot situation and every clubfoot child's treatment plan may differ slightly.